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"A Food Strategy for the Sooke/JDF Region" by Kate Kittredge 2008 April article...

"Think Locally, Act Locally" by Sinclair Philip 2006 September article

"Seashore Etiquette"
by Gloria Snively 2006 June article

"Permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care for People, Share the Surplus" by Susan Nelson 2014 March article...

2015 Mar Issue

2015 Mar Cover

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2015 March Feature Article:

"All's Not Quiet On The Western Front"

by Helene Harrison, of Shirley

...In September, the US Navy, from its Whidbey Island base, will begin testing communication-jamming electromagnetic frequency radiation equipment...disable enemy networks...for a minimum of 1 year...2900 exercises...260 days a year...16 hours a day...fighter jets fly 3 abreast at only 1200 feet


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